Plenary lectures
Chromosome Genomics
Molecular cytogenetic approach for comparative genomics in vertebrates
- Karyotype reorganization and sex chromosome evolution in tetrapods -
Yoichi MatsudaNagoya University, Japan
How chromosomes, genes and the environment determine vertebrate sex
Jennifer GravesThe Australian National University, Australia
Cytogenetics meet comparative genomics in plant research
Hans de JongWageningen University, Netherlands
New Technology in Chromosome Research
Contribution of nano-technology to the chromosome science
Kiichi FukuiOsaka University, Japan
Stepwise epigenetic reprogramming during chicken embryonic development
Masako TadaTottori University, Japan
Principia of Transposable Elements in Relation to Chromosome Evolution and Genetic Instability
Heui-Soo KimPusan National University, Korea
Centromere and Telomere
Selective elimination of uniparental chromosomes during the formation of haploid in maize
Weiwei JinChina Agricultural University, China
Heterochromatin and Epigenetics
Higher-order repeat structure in centromere-region satellite DNA occurs in a wide range of primates
Akihiko KogaKyoto University, Japan
Sex Chromosome and B Chromosome
Comparative genomics of sex chromosomes in amniotes: lessons from Reptiles
Tariq EzazUniversity of Canberra, Australia
A double sex-determining gene in the frog Glandirana rugosa
Ikuo MiuraHiroshima University, Japan
Evolution of the sex chromosomes in Y-absent mammals, genus Tokudaia
Asato KuroiwaHokkaido University, Japan
Genome and Chromosome Evolution
Direct visualisation of complex structural and copy-number variation by molecular combing and multicolour-FISH
Fengtang YangWelcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
Paradigm change in polyploidy research: from Evolutionary Dead End to Major Player in Evolution
Umesh C. LavaniaCentral Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, India
Chromosome evolution in squamate reptiles: dynamics of macro- and microchromosomes
Kornsorn SrikulnathKasetsart University, Thailand
Evolution of microchromosomes in vertebrates
Yoishinobu UnoNagoya University, Japan
Transposable elements and genome evolution in eukaryotes
Nam-Soo KimKangwon National University, Korea
Meiosis, Mitosis, and Cell Cycle
Control of chromosome damage during mitosis
Paul R. ClarkeUniversity of Dundee, UK
Parental centromere differences induce genome catastrophe during zygotic mitosis in Arabidopsis thaliana
Ravi MaruthachalamIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), India
Effects of targeting the nuclear import receptor Importin-β on mitotic cell division in head and neck cancer cell lines
Ekarat HitakomateThammasat University, Thailand
Genome and Chromosome Architecture
Diverse functions of condensin II through the cell cycle
Takao OnoRIKEN, Japan
Role of spatial positioning of chromosome territories: Evolutionary views and characteristics
Hideyuki TanabeSoken University, Japan
Chromosome Engineering
Human and mouse artificial chromosomes, and their potential applications
Mitsuo OshimuraTottori University, Japan
Establishment of Double Monosomic Addition (DMA) system in wheat to search for the elements to increase meiotic chromosome recombination
Hisashi TsujimotoTottori University, Japan
Chromosome Abnormality and Disease
Rapid aneuploidy detection methods in prenatal diagnosis: Experience in Thailand
Takol ChareonsirisuthigulMahidol University, Thailand
Human chromosome abnormality and disease: A laboratory prospect
Chariyawan CharalsawadiPrince of Songkla University, Thailand
Diagnostic and prognostic significance of chromosome analysis in haematological malignancies
Ravindran AnkathilUniversiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Chromosome and Breeding
Chromosome instability in resynthesized Brassica napus
Nobuko OhmidoKobe University, Japan
Application of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and microarray for chromosome study
Mapping a novel sex determination gene in fire ants
John WangBiodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
A Study of Copy Number Variation (CNV) as a cause of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Thai Affected Individuals
Natini JinawathMahidol University, Thailand
Transcriptome analysis of intergeneric avian hybrids
Satoshi IshishitaNagoya University, Japan